Add Students and Parents in Bulk via Import

Administrator-level users can always create new student profiles or parent/guardian user profiles anytime, directly in the system. However, if you wish to create a high volume of profiles at the same time, you may find this process easier to do in bulk via a spreadsheet. Importing via a spreadsheet will accomplish the following 3 tasks:

  1. Create a new student profile. 
  2. Create a new parent/guardian user profile. 
  3. Attach the parent/guardian to the student, enabling them to view information the school chooses to share via the parent portal.

*A maximum of 2 parent/guardian profiles can be created and attached to a student via the spreadsheet at the same time. Additional parent/guardians can be created directly in the system and manually attached to the student via the "family" tab of the student profile.

Please CLICK HERE  to download the student/parent import template, and follow the instructions below to complete the spreadsheet file.

Importing data can be a very persnickety process, so please be very careful to follow the precise format of the spreadsheet. We have provided sample data on the template to demonstrate the correct format. You can also click on the heading of each column to view the options and required format for the information in that column (look in the text bar at the top of the spreadsheet to see the entire description for that column). If there is no sample of data shown in the column heading, then the format is not restricted. If the columns do not line up correctly to the fields in the MC system, the import will not work. So, you may leave the optional fields blank, but it is very important that you DO NOT add, delete, or rearrange columns.

There are 4 required fields necessary to successfully create a new student profile:

  • First Name 
  • Last Name 
  • Gender 
  • Birthdate

If any of these fields are left blank, the student profile will not be created. 

It is highly recommended that you also complete as many of the optional fields as possible, especially classroom assignment, days of the week expected to attend, and cycle year. If not included on the spreadsheet, the classroom assignment and days of the week will need to be entered manually into each profile before the students will be available for record keeping in a classroom. A student's cycle year enables the use of shortcuts for planning/recording lessons, as well as selecting the relevant category descriptions from the curriculum to display on Progress Reports.

If you wish to attach a child to multiple classrooms, please enter classroom name followed by a comma and a space. For example: Primary Classroom, Aftercare Program, Music Program. This example would assign the child to 3 different classrooms. Please make sure the classrooms have already been created in the system and the spelling of the classroom name on the spreadsheet matches exactly to the name already created in the system (case sensitive, no abbreviations, spaces, extra characters, etc.)

Parent/Guardian profiles can be created as well. A unique email address is required in order to create a parent/guardian profile, as the email address serves as their username for logging into the parent portal. You can create the parent/guardian profiles now, even if you do not plan on using the parent communication features at this time. Parents will not have access unless you send them an invite to the system or tell them to login with their email address as their username and the password "password."

As soon as we receive the completed Student/Parent Data Spreadsheet, we'll get it imported as quickly as possible. 

Please send completed spreadsheets to:

If you are a continuing customer trying to update your students for the new school year, you can learn how to Update Your Existing Student Profiles in Bulk via Import here.

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