Delete a Student

Student profiles are essentially a filing cabinet for everything you ever enter about a child. Therefore, we have added an extra step to ensure student profiles are not accidentally deleted. Active student profiles can't be deleted. You must first edit the profile and change the status to either 'inactive' or 'archived'. Be sure to scroll to the bottom and save your changes. Please note that only administrator-level users can edit a student profile.

Once the student's profile is either inactive or archived, go back to the main list of Student Profiles and adjust the status filter (last dropdown option) to either inactive or archived (whichever you chose to do with that student's profile). You will then find a delete link to the right of each student. Please note: This is permanent and CANNOT be reversed. Everything associated with this individual student profile will be permanently deleted, including ALL RECORDED LESSONS AND PROGRESS REPORTS. 

*Remember, our billing structure is based on the # of ACTIVE student profiles. Inactive and Archived student profiles are non-billable. Therefore, you may retain your historical data for as long as you maintain an active MC account - at no additional cost. 

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