Lesson Plans on Student Cards

In addition to the main Calendar, you can view and print the lesson plans for your classroom from the Student Cards page. Just go to <Student Cards> and click on the first card displayed (it will have the Classroom name on it and no photo). The first tab you'll see there is your Planned Lessons tab where all your lesson plans for the date showing in the upper right corner will be displayed. You can use one of the shortcuts ("Today, This Week, or All Time") to view the lesson plans for that time period, or adjust the dates in the calendar icons on this tab to show a specific date range. There is a "Print" link in the upper right corner if you'd like to print a PDF version of the information displaying on the screen. 

Another option for viewing your lesson plans is the Weekly Work Plan, also found on the Classroom Card on the <Student Cards> page. This will show you a 5-day calendar view of the planned lessons for all your students together. However, you are able to filter this Weekly Work Plan to show only those lessons planned for a specific student, if you wish. These work plans are also printable both with and without the names of the student for which each lesson is planned. 

You can locate your lesson plans for a particular student on an individual Student Card. Just go to <Student Cards> and click on the card for the student with whom you wish to work. Then select the "Planned" page. You'll see both a 5-day calendar view of the planned lessons, as well as a list beneath that calendar where you can take action on the planned lessons (Reschedule, Record This Lesson, Edit, Copy, or Delete). Once you record a lesson, it will be moved to the Recorded page.

If you wish you edit your lesson plans, you may do so by locating the planned lesson on either the Student or the Classroom Card and click the "Edit" link found to the right of each listed planned lesson. Make your desired edits, and remember to click "Update Lesson Plan" to save your changes. You can also make changes to the lesson plan from the main Calendar page. 
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