Record Lessons on the Grid

The Record Keeping Grid makes tracking your students' progress a breeze! Just go to <Grid> and choose a category of the curriculum with which you'd like to work. You can record lessons for a single student or multiple students at the same time. 

To record a single lesson for an individual student, just click in the box where the lesson and student intersect. The action bar will appear at the top of your screen. If you'd like to record one or more specific Elements of the lesson, then click the Elements icon in the action bar and select the desired Elements. Otherwise, simply select the assessment level you'd like to record for that lesson, and the first Element will automatically be recorded for you. The triangle symbol for that assessment level will be displayed in the box, and the box will be shaded yellow to indicate that it is a lesson recorded during the current record keeping session. 
You can record as many lessons at a time as you'd like, for one or multiple students. Just click in multiple boxes, or click and drag your cursor to highlight a section of adjacent boxes. Just be aware that the same assessment level will be assigned to all the boxes selected at that time. You can edit the individual record keeping entries in the History Log, the Student Card, or the Student Profile.

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