Update Your Account For a New School Year

From one year to the next, your MC account will need a little maintenance. The majority of changes that may need to be made are related to the student profiles. You may wish to update their cycle years, classrooms, etc. You may also need to archive some students and add some new ones. All these things can be done via spreadsheet. Here's an article where you can learn more about how to Update Students and Parents in Bulk via Import

Another thing you need to consider is how to manage your school year dates. We recommend using what we call an "ongoing school year" approach, which will give you the most flexibility in accessing and editing your data. However, some schools choose to create individual school year filters by "finishing" one school year and starting a new one. This essentially archives the data entered during the previous school year. Here's an article where you can learn more about the School Year Manager feature.

If you want to enter your new school calendar, you can create the significant dates, holidays, and special events as Calendar Events and share them with "ALL SCHOOL" to be sure everyone can see them. Here's an article with more information about how to Add Calendar Events.

Lastly, if you have archived some students who have left your school, please note that archiving a student does not automatically deactivate the parents since parents often have more than one child in a school. If a family has left your school and you do not anticipate them returning in the future, you should go ahead and delete the parents' profiles. If you think they may return at a later date, you can choose to deactivate them temporarily. But, as long as they remain "active" in your account, they will continue to get any messages sent to ALL SCHOOL, and they will have access to any general school information (like the calendar). Here's an article where you can learn more about Best Practices for Managing Parent Profiles.

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